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OUR IDEAS FOR Preservation initiatives include:

  • Orientation map and locator map for some of the most prominent headstones
  • Full inventory of all stones and their history and preservation needs

  • Re-setting of tipped and fallen stones

  • Planting of new native trees

  • Ideas for Preservation Needs

  • The stone steps at NW corner are primary means of access

  • Metal railing should be reconstructed on steps as in winter it is especially dangerous. Plus clean up

  • entrance area to make it more inviting.

  • Cemetery needs a big, beautiful & informative Broad Street

  • Cemetery identification sign facing Broad Street.

  • Repair and repaint fence along the back, removing all undergrowth.

  • Lawnmowing methods need changing. NO MORE RIDE-ON MOWERS allowed as they routinely collide with and split and crush and break the stones. No more string trimmers allowed as they scar stones.

  • Many of the tipped and fallen stones need to be professionally re-set to be vertical once again.

  • New Native Trees needed to replace at least 6 stumps.

  • Complete Full INVENTORY all the stones and their history & preservation needs -Find missing

  • gravestones & missing graves? [Cemetery established 1655. but no surviving stones from 1655-1680s period?]